Chinese eBooks

 How to Access Chinese
eBooks and Audiobooks


  1. On our website, navigate to the eBooks tab located at the top of the page.去我們的圖書館網站, 找到電子書籍的eBooks按鍵, 它應該是在頁頭。
  2. Click on Overdrive, which will then transfer you to a separate website called the Southern California Digital Library. Overdrive按鍵, 它應該帶你進入另一網站叫(Southern California Digital Library)南加州數碼圖書館。
  3. Click the Sign In link at the top right corner of the screen. Select Crowell Public Library and click GO. 

    Sign In按鍵、在網頁的右上方看到聯網Crowell Public Library,GO的鍵盤。

  4. Next type in your library card number and pin (the last four digits of the phone you registered with). 輸入你的圖書証的號碼, 再輸入你的針號(pin)是你註冊時用的電話號碼後面四位數字。
  5. Once you have signed in, click on the Advanced Search link in the top right corner of the screen. 一旦進入, 便可在網頁的右上方搜尋Advanced Search,按鍵。
  6. Within Advanced Search, select the drop down menu labeled All Languages. From this list choose Chinese在此可以找到下拉清單,在所有的語言中 All Languages選擇中文Chinese
  7. Click search located on the bottom right of the Advanced Search page. 然後在此頁的右下方, search鍵盤。
  8. From there you will be able to browse of Chinese eBook and Audiobook collection! 從那裡你就可以尋找你要的中文電子及語音書籍了。

How to Navigate through Chinese eBooks and Audiobooks on Overdrive


  • On the left side of the search results one can filter their results by eBooks, audiobooks, subject, and more. * 在找到的資料的左方left side可以選電子書籍、語音書籍、及其他的項目、等等.....
    •  Under the subject tab on the left one can further narrow down their results to best meet their needs. * 在左方,項目subject tab上按鍵,將你的需求會更進一步分解。
    • The search can be narrowed down to a collection such as non-fiction, fiction, or children. Or it can be narrowed down by genre, such as adventure, biography or folklore.  * 它分類到有非小說類、小說類、兒童書籍。分類可以再細到、探險、傳記和民間傳說類