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The San Marino Community Services Department offers a variety of daytime excursions to some of southern California’s finest museums, theaters, and landmarks.  Sit back and relax on a luxury charter bus to each destination.  Transportation to and from each trip is included.  Sign up for one of our exciting trips today! 

  • Trips are open to anyone 55 years of age or older.
  • Registration for all trips begin immediately. We accept reservations until the deadline date, however, if an excursion fills prior to the deadline, we will close reservations and start a waiting list.
  • Registrations are taken on a first come, first-paid basis. WE DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS WITHOUT PAYMENT.
  • Refunds will be given in full ONLY if cancellation is given PRIOR to the reservation deadline date listed under each individual trip.

Registrations are accepted at the San Marino Recreation Department located at 1560 Pasqualito Drive, in San Marino from 8am to 5pm Monday-Thursday.

huell howser

THAT'S AMAZING: 30 Years of Huell Howser

Friday, September 19, 2014

The joy that the late TV legend Huell Howser shared with generations of Californians infuses a new permanent exhibit,  sponsored by the Automobile Club of So. California and housed in Chapman University's Leatherby Libraries.  Howser, who died a little over a year ago, wanted Chapman to have his life's work so it might be shared with anyone interested in the many things that fascinated him and his viewers of shows such as "California’s Gold."  In the last several years of his life, Howser forged a strong personal bond with the University.  He made generous donations, including his personal art collection, his collection of show memorabilia, notes and papers relating to his work, and tapes of all of his more than 900 episodes of "California’s Gold."    We will have lunch at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant.  After visiting the Huell Howser Exhibit and after eating lunch, we will have some free time in Old Town Orange, which includes a voucher for a treat at Watson's Drug Store and Old Fashioned Soda Fountain before boarding the bus for the trip home.

  • Cost: $50 per person
  • Leave: 10:30 am (Spot Time: 10:15 am)
  • Return: 5:30 pm (approx)

Meet at Recreation Department (1560 Pasqualito Drive)
Please make your reservation by August 28, 2014 to ensure that the minimum participation is met.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Space rocks hit UCLA!  California's largest collection of space rocks is on display at the UCLA Meteorite Gallery.  The centerpiece of the museum is a 357 pound iron chunk of asteroid that crashed into Arizona some 50,000 years ago, creating a mile-wide crater just east of Flagstaff.  A guide will be on hand to answer questions and help us understand the enormity of this collection and what it represents.    After lunch at the new Vegas Buffet in Hollywood, which features seafood along with other standard buffet fare, we will visit The Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits.  Central Los Angeles seems an odd location for the largest collection of Ice Age fossils found anywhere on earth.  The tar pits contain everything scientists need to reconstruct a vivid picture of a vanished ecosystem and how it responded to the climate changes of the last glacial period.  The first fossil (a gargantuan canine from a saber-toothed cat) was identified in 1875.  After tens of thousands of years, tar has percolated to the surface from deep underground, pooling in ponds of lethal sludge that none of the fossils were able to escape.  Stay on the pathways or you could end up with tar sludge on your shoes!

  • Cost: $40 per person
  • Leave: 9:30 am (Spot Time: 9:15 am)
  • Return: 4:30 pm (approx)

Meet at Recreation Department (1560 Pasqualito Drive)
Please make your reservation by October 1, 2014 to ensure that the minimum participation is met.

POMPEII: The Exhibition

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In the year 79 A.D., Pompeii vanished beneath thick layers of volcanic ash left by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  but what nature destroyed, it also preserved.  Pompeii: The Exhibition features over 150 precious artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy, which offer a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle and tragic end of this ancient Roman society forgotten for centuries until its rediscovery over 250 years ago.  From garden frescoes and marble statues to Gladiator helmets and shin guards, coins and currency to religious altars and shrines - all set in their original surroundings - experience daily life in this once vibrant Roman city.  Then, as the floors shake and the walls rumble, relive the volcano's catastrophic eruption through an immerse CGI experience, culminating in the reveal of full body casts of twisted human forms, asphyxiated by extreme heat and noxious gases and forever frozen in time.  Through excavated artifacts, multimedia experiences, and hands-on science exhibits, we will learn the science of archaeology, volcanology, and Roman engineering while exploring the ancient civilization of Pompeii.  In addition to the exhibit we will see a film, "Forces of Nature," at the IMAX Theater.  We will have lunch at one of our favorites, the H.M.S. Bounty. 

  • Cost: $55 per person
  • Leave: 10:15 am (Spot Time: 10:00 am)
  • Return: 5:30 pm (approx)
Meet at Recreation Department (1560 Pasqualito Drive)
Please make your reservation by October 24, 2014 to ensure that the minimum participation is met.