Contract Class Instructors

How to Become a Contract Instructor

The city of San Marino Recreation Department is always looking for new and exciting classes to offer.  If you have a new, unique, and fun idea for a class, you have come to the right place. Listed below are some tips for submitting your Application to teach a class in the next available session.

Class Proposal

When proposing a class to the Recreation Department you must submit the following by e-mail, fax, postal mail, or in person (by appointment only)

Application Submission

Independent Contractor Applications can be submitted at any time to Eddie Covarrubias at 

Application Review & Approval

Once you have submitted your application we will review all the documents and contact your references.  We will then contact you regarding your approval status.  If we approve to move forward with your class, we will then schedule a proposal meeting to finalize your class as well as review our Contractor Handbook and complete all appropriate paperwork to initiate your contract.

Formula for Class Instructor payment

Contractors are paid sixty percent (60%) of the gross revenue for his/her class (70% if the class is being held at the instructor’s own facility). The base class fee is split 60% to the Contractor, 40% to the City. An insurance fee of $2 and a Non-Resident fee of $5 are added to the base fee for each class. These fees are not included in the 60/40 split.