Home Safety Checklist

Fire Safety
  • Know the location of your homes electrical box, gas meter, and water shut off valves.
  • Keep a 10 inch crescent wrench near the gas valve and know how to use it. Turn off valve only when you are sure there is a leak. It may take two to three weeks for the gas company to relight the pilots.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen (5 lb., ABC type or a 2A-10BC).
  • Install smoke detectors on each level of your home and test and change the batteries annually.
  • Repair or replace unsafe appliances and faulty wiring.
  • Plan two escape routes out of each room.
  • Keep yard clear of combustible material from home.
  • Remove toxic and flammable material from home and garage.
  • Teach family members to stay low to the ground when escaping from fire.
  • If there is a fire get out and do not go back inside.
  • Have your house inspected for unsafe construction, unreinforced masonry, and non-ductile concrete.
  • Bolt wood frame buildings to the foundation.
  • Brace cripple walls (the short walls that connect the foundation to the floor and enclose the crawl space).
  • Secure water heater and install flexible gas piping.
  • Secure cabinets, bookcases, and shelves to the wall.
General Safety
  • Remove heavy objects from top shelves.
  • Fasten hanging mirrors, pictures, and frames etc. to the wall.
  • Keep bed and favorite chairs away from windows, book cases, and other heavy objects that could fall on you
  • Install safety latches on cabinets.
  • Close blinds and curtains each night to protect yourself from broken windows.
  • Create a personal support network. Identify a friend or neighbor, and agree to check on each other after an earthquake or disaster.
  • Meet with your neighbors and create a neighborhood preparedness plan and watch group.
  • Have the neighborhood form a Neighborhood Emergency Action Team (NEAT) through the San Marino Fire Department. For more information on a NEAT team contact