About the Department

Service Area

The City of San Marino Fire Department proudly and professionally serves a community of approximately 14,500 people and a square mile area of 3.75 miles.


22 total, which includes:
  • 12 Firefighter / Paramedics
  • One Fire Chief
  • One Secretary
  • Three Captains
  • Three Engineers
  • Two Division Chiefs


Six vehicles, which includes:
  • One Antique Fire Engine (1923 La France)
  • Fire Chief Vehicle 
  • Fire Marshall Vehicle 
  • Fire Command Vehicle 
  • Two Type 1 Pierce Fire Engines 
  • Two ALS Rescue Ambulance 
  • Utility Vehicle (unstaffed) 


  • $5,900,000
  • 40% Generated from Public Safety Parcel Tax

Revenue Generated Fiscal Year 2016-2017

  • $429,000 from Ambulance Paramedic Billing
  • $9,000 Fire Prevention Fees


  • Improved ambulance revenues through effective third-party billing and increased response area
  • Obtained federal grant funding for specialized training and equipment
  • Provided medical standby coverage at school athletic events
  • Supported special events sponsored by schools and community organization

Emergency Preparedness

  • Conducted emergency preparedness exercise for city staff
  • Conducted neighborhood disaster drills to evaluate effectiveness of community emergency response teams (CERT) training
  • Convened community Emergency Preparedness Committee to review city programs
  • Provided CERT training to Citizens
  • Conducted emergency preparedness courses for community 

Fire Prevention

  • Conducted residential fire and life safety surveys to identify hazards in the home
  • Devoted more than 1000 man hours to inspecting and patrolling the Enhanced Fire Protection Zone to reduce the risk of a catastrophic firestorm
  • Installed free smoke detectors in homes and replaced batteries

Emergency Response (Calendar Year 2015)

  • Achieved average response time (dispatch to arrival) of 3.46 minutes
  • Arrived at 85% of all calls in less than 5 minutes
  • Dispatched to 1652 total calls (965 medical, 49 fire, 122 services calls, 516 others)