Support Services

Records Unit

Closely associated with the Communications Unit is the Records Unit. The Records Unit secures and maintains all police related records, including crime reports, arrest reports, and collision reports. Further, the Records Unit provides monthly statistical reports to the California Department of Justice, which publicizes annual crime statistics for the State of California.

Detective Unit

The Support Services Division also includes the Detective Unit, which completes the preliminary investigations from the patrol officers. As part of their duties, the detectives work closely with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Crime Laboratory.

Complaints & Training

Finally, the Support Services Division handles all citizen complaints regarding customer service, and is also responsible for scheduling and completing the training needs of the police employees.


The goal of the support services commander is to provide professional service to the community from the moment our citizens call the Police Department, walk into the police station, or speak to any of our employees. As an organization, we are committed to your safety, security and quality of life, and will diligently work to fulfill our department motto of pride in service.