General Announcement

Southern California Edison

Announcement from Southern California Edison:

You may have noticed or will notice additional SCE crews doing inspections, infrastructure improvement work and vegetation management in your community. We are doing this in all high fire risk areas—approximately 35 percent of our service area. We understand our activities may be disruptive when we do this important safety work and will do everything we can to minimize the impact to you.

We appreciate your support and cooperation, as this is part of our ongoing commitment to safety and supporting California's fight against wildfires.

A few things to know about our inspections:

  • Infrastructure inspections have been an ongoing part of our regular operations for many years.
  • Some of our equipment may be on your property. In these instances, we would appreciate your cooperation in allowing crews to safely access the equipment. Some inspections may require SCE to return at a later date to perform maintenance or upgrades to equipment and/or the pruning or removal of vegetation.
  • SCE is proactively identifying, pruning, or removing trees outside required clearances that may pose a potential risk to the company's power lines.
  • In some cases, SCE may need to schedule a maintenance outage so our crews can work safely. We will attempt to notify you by phone, text, email and mail at least 72 hours prior to the outage.

These inspections are part of a larger plan to further fortify the electric system against the increasing threat of extreme conditions driven by climate change and the impacts of wildfires if they occur. For additional information about how SCE is addressing the threat of wildfires, visit

How to Recognize SCE Employees or SCE Approved Contractors

SCE crews and approved contractors performing this work will carry identification badges. SCE vehicles will feature the company's logo. Contractor vehicles will have SCE "approved contractor" signage.